By July 1, 2010, you must upgrade your home heating system equipment to prevent leaks from tanks and pipes that connect to your furnace. 
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Tank Inspection:

If there is any doubt in the integrity of your oil tank, it is best to have a professional do an inspection.

An old home heating oil tank has the potential to leak at any time.

As a homeowner it's a good idea to be aware of the tank's condition.

Call and schedule your no cost inspection.

Inspect for: moisture, condensation, rust, and odor.

Also.. inspect the floor under the tank for odor and visible oil.

Corrosion can start on the inside of the tank, by the time it reaches the outside or underbelly of the tank the tank is at risk for leaks.  When in doubt seek out a professional inspection.  While homeowners are the first line of defense in spotting leaks, it’s a good idea to periodically have your fuel storage system inspected by a professional.

A new Massachusetts law set to take effect July 1, 2010 will codify this common sense recommendation, by requiring homeowners to have their oil supply/return lines inspected and certified by a licensed oil technician.

This will save money in the long haul by spotting problems while they’re still easily fixed.
The law will also require insurance companies to offer reasonably priced coverage against oil spills.

Homeowners won’t be obligated to take out insurance, but doing so is a good idea—small likelihood, but high-potential cost events, like oil spills, are exactly the sort of thing that insurance is meant to protect against.


**Replacement is the safest method in dealing with an old, possibly hazardous tank.**

Tank Removal Services provides expert, timely removal and replacement of your home heating oil tank.

Most replacements can be completed in a day, without any inconvenience to you.

Our staff provides prompt professional service you can count on.

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